Bash commands (cheat sheet)

for each command you can use –help

touch – create file
nano – edit in nano
To copy/paste in nano – use ^k (it stays in a buffer)
cat – output file contents in terminal
cp – copy
mv – move
rm – delete
rm -rfrecursive deleting (folder), ignoring (force) errors

uniq a.txt > b.txt – delete duplicates
sort a.txt > b.txt – sort contents
sort -u – combine both
uniq a.txt | sort – the same, but with piping

echo "foo" >> a.txt – append
head a.txt – output first 10 rows
tail a.txt – the same, but from the end
head -n 1 a.txt – output 1st row
head -n 1 a.txt >> b.txt – append file b with 1st line from file a
grep – search in the file

An example of sorting and output in one line of output from the code:
go run . | tr " " "\n" | sort -n | paste -sd' '