C++ Builder “Community Edition EULA Reminder”

I use for development C++ Builder Community Edition which is very nice IDE. In past update of C++ Builder Community Edition (from 10.3 to 10.4) there is a problem appear: every time when I compile the code I get pop-up window: “Community Edition EULA Reminder”:

Apparently this promp appears if project got  > 70000 lines of code (with comments). This is quite tediously to click it every time when I compile my non-commercial project…

I wonder why Embarcadero did this.. There are plenty of other IDE’s without such stupid prompt. I’m pretty sure that this reminder actually reminds programmers that maybe they should port their project to another IDE?..

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  1. Roberto says:

    Soooo true!
    I guess there’s no one in the whole word that switched to pay version because of this!
    On the contrary, plenty of people getting annoyed for nothing.

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