What is SEF ?

Search Engine Friendly URL (SEF) is a method used in CMS that can automatically convert dynamic links (example: http://skobki.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=11&Itemid=21) to static links (https://skobki.com/something_nice). It is used for correct optimization by search engines.

Why did I post this post about CNC? (in Russian it’s Human-Comprehensible Urls).
The thing is that I’m currently creating a new project – an information portal on world of warcraft + guild site. I decided to do it on Jumla 1.015. Faced with the problem of grammatical site optimization, title tags, description. In the end decided to write what is CNC.

In Joomla with CEO is much worse than in WordPress. All the same, Joomla is a heavier project, there are more opportunities and the main audience joomla – people enlightened, they can make up any services with their hands. WordPress is a more mass product, almost for housewives. However, I do not want to say that the Joomla poorly functional, it is as well as on the Joomla is possible to do almost everything 🙂
I am now fully into the subject of optimization of sites, different methods, a ton of literature re-read, 5 times more need to read. So I will keep notes on this topic on my blog.

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  1. hadiya says:

    id that what sef means in programming or not

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