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The phpBB logo

Playing with the muscles filter in photoshop accidentally gave birth to a rather warm and ladylike version of the phpbb logo 🙂 Logo transparent png, you are welcome!

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[solution] WordPress: css template editing problem

Funny thing – when you edit wordpress templates ccs (and other CMS) in Google Chrome – often the cache glitches, and as a result, when you refresh the page changes are not visible. I did not understand what’s wrong until … Continue reading

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[solution] blurry emoticons in phpBB (or other forums)

First off, here’s how to add emoticons to phpBB:   uploading smiley pictures to /images/smilies on the forum: Administrators section → “Messages” → “Emoticons” → below “Add some emoticons” Fill in the fields, tick the box at the top right … Continue reading

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X11 color chart in correct order

Table’s description can be found at the bottom of the page.

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