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VS Code – custom hotkeys for terminal

I got addicted to VS Code. I’ve fallen in love with this little bastard from Microhard. It’s convenient for Go, nothing to do with it… And for this very Go, you need to constantly loop with the console to run … Continue reading

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CodeBlocks debugging global variables

I love CodeBlocks IDE for my C language projects… But biggest blunder of CodeBlocks IDE is that you must manually add to ‘Watch’ global variables every @#$% time when debugging. Eg in C++ Builder and other IDEs there is no … Continue reading

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Compiling in “Notepad++”

I got a little carried away using Borland 6 to learn C. Powerful program and all, but due to my age, the UI customization capabilities are at the level of a notebook (the same one). For example, you cannot change … Continue reading

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C++ Builder “Community Edition EULA Reminder”

I use for development C++ Builder Community Edition which is very nice IDE. In past update of C++ Builder Community Edition (from 10.3 to 10.4) there is a problem appear: every time when I compile the code I get pop-up … Continue reading

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