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CodeBlocks debugging global variables

I love CodeBlocks IDE for my C language projects… But biggest blunder of CodeBlocks IDE is that you must manually add to ‘Watch’ global variables every @#$% time when debugging. Eg in C++ Builder and other IDEs there is no … Continue reading

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Compiling in “Notepad++”

I got a little carried away using Borland 6 to learn C. Powerful program and all, but due to my age, the UI customization capabilities are at the level of a notebook (the same one). For example, you cannot change … Continue reading

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C++ Builder “Community Edition EULA Reminder”

I use for development C++ Builder Community Edition which is very nice IDE. In past update of C++ Builder Community Edition (from 10.3 to 10.4) there is a problem appear: every time when I compile the code I get pop-up … Continue reading

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