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Run notepad++ from the Windows console

Sometimes in Windows, you have to use cmd console, create files in it, etc. So it is convenient to bind file opening in npp (notepad++) to alias npp <file name>. There are different ways to do it, but the easiest … Continue reading

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C language: compile and run in Notepad++

In top menu press “Run” and enter there… Example: cmd /c cd “C:\Users\n\Desktop\” && gcc 1.c -o 1.exe && 1.exe There we say to Notepad++: cmd – run terminal /c means to close cmd terminal after program finished; you can … Continue reading

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HEX editor for Windows

I’ve been looking for a good fast open-source HEX editor for a long time. Finally I found it: Enjoy 🙂

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WordPress Voice Input

Hi all, I’m Stucco. I decided to try voice text entry via Google Docs. This article will be about voice input and texting options for your social networks or blogs. I hope I don’t have to do a lot of … Continue reading

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[solution] blurry emoticons in phpBB (or other forums)

First off, here’s how to add emoticons to phpBB:   uploading smiley pictures to /images/smilies on the forum: Administrators section → “Messages” → “Emoticons” → below “Add some emoticons” Fill in the fields, tick the box at the top right … Continue reading

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Disable next slide (preview) for multiple display in LibreOffice Impress

How to remove when presentation showed at two screens at once.. to hide control panel of slideshow: Tools → Options → LibreOffice Impress → General Presentation section on the right top side uncheck Enable Presentation Console

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Excel tricks & lifehacks on an example of LibreOffice tables

Useful lifechanging tips and tricks for working with spreadsheets in Excel! Hello i’m a Shtuky. Today i’ll show you excel lifehacks using the free open source libreoffice. Let’s start with the ideas that i use every day – hold control … Continue reading

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Notepad++ fork

For a long time I was looking for a stable fork of Numpad++ that could live in parallel with the vanilla version of NPP. What for? To be able to run two instances of my favorite editor 🙂 Unfortunately, using … Continue reading

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Compiling in “Notepad++”

I got a little carried away using Borland 6 to learn C. Powerful program and all, but due to my age, the UI customization capabilities are at the level of a notebook (the same one). For example, you cannot change … Continue reading

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How to strip date / time in Notepad ++ (regular expressions)

The task is to remove the date or time in the log file, for example, this: [11:33] hello [11:35] how to replace timestamp with a space? [12:16] probably this can be done using regular expressions [12:44] I tried period (.) … Continue reading

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[solution] Photoshop turn off grid default

I’ve noticed that every time when I open Photoshop – it has grids turned on by default and each time I had to hide it by pressing Ctrl+h. Finally I found solution: Go to top menu and find there: View … Continue reading

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