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Hi all, I’m Stucco. I decided to try voice text entry via Google Docs. This article will be about voice input and texting options for your social networks or blogs. I hope I don’t have to do a lot of editing on this text. In order for your voice to be well recognized it is advisable to speak clearly. So where do you get this tool? Type “Google Docs” into a Google search, or “Google Docs” in Russian. This service is available online, you do not need to download special programs or install applications. It’s a free service from Google.

To start recording your voice, which automatically converts to text, you need to create a new Word-like document in Google Docs. The new document has a Tools section at the top. In the list that opens, you can find a button with a microphone – this is voice input. There is a Cntl+Shift+S hotkey. You’ll see a red dot in the browser tab and a big red microphone on the screen.
This tool has the ability to automatically punctuate and skip to a new paragraph. To put a comma, you have to say “comma”. To put a period, you have to say “period”. To move to the next paragraph, say “new line. To put a question mark, you have to say “question mark.” There must be some other functions. I haven’t figured it out yet. But I already love voice input, this article was written entirely with the Google docs voice assistant. I can already see that I will have to correct this article a little bit, because sometimes Google recognizes words incorrectly or when I say “comma” it writes the word instead of a punctuation mark (or vice versa). We will have to figure out how to explain to this program when to put a sign and when to write a word.
We were looking for a convenient way of voice input for WordPress sites, and found a paid tool SpeechnotesX Voice-Typing, but after thinking about it, we decided to use voice typing in Google Docs and then copy it into the post. This is necessary to do if we write posts from a computer, because if we write from a phone/paid tablet, mobile operating systems already have voice typing capabilities built in. Windows is certainly lagging behind in this regard, it would be great to have text to speech and speech to text built in. I can tell you that using Google docs has proven to be quite a handy option, which is where we’ll stay for now.
Writing articles by voice is fun!
Thanks for your attention, everyone, and goodbye.

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