Text alignment to the width of WordPress

In the new versions of WordPress the developers for some reason removed the button ‘align to width’ or in the html markup attribute align=justify. When typing the text of the post is strikingly sloppy formatting if the entire test is pressed to one edge. This style sometimes looks stylish, but in most cases a person is used to reading text aligned to the width of the page. So how to do it in WordPress?

There are many different ways – to put a line in the source CSS styles, install a plugin (such as TinyMCE Advanced), write the html tag in the body of the article. But the easiest and most convenient in my case was the built-in WordPress hotkeys. To find out which hotkey makes the text alignment by width, click on the question mark at the top of the post in the text editing menu. A list of commands – hotkeys – will appear. In my case, the text width alignment is achieved by successively pressing Shift-Alt-j (being in English layout).

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