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How PHP Works

If we want to look at HTML: 1. The user requests a page with ‘clean’ html 2. The server checks if the page exists 3. if there is – returns the .html page to the user as it was on … Continue reading

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The phpinfo function

phpinfo is a PHP service function that outputs information about the version, configuration and extensions of PHP; about the Apache server and its settings.   To call this function, use the construct: <?php phpinfo(); ?> How do I locate the … Continue reading

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WordPress xml-rpc: protection against bruteforce

Since WordPress 3.5, any installation has xml-rpc enabled by default, which is a very useful thing that allows you to use mobile apps to maintain your site, among other things.   However, the use of xml-rpc is a huge black … Continue reading

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Choosing a web server for WordPress on Windows

There are situations when an Internet site must be hosted by Windows Server. This is a fairly rare case, but it happened to me recently (the first time in a dozen years of working with Web servers): I had to … Continue reading

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“.htaccess” with password: protecting the “.htpasswd” folder and auto-login

The fastest and easiest way to do basic authentication on the web is with .htaccess/.htpasswd. Let me remind you how to do this: 1. Create a file on the server: .htaccess within it: AuthType Basic AuthName “Your authorization required message.” … Continue reading

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PHP 7.1 → 7.2

In continuation of the post: “Reducing the CPU consumption of hosting. How to speed up any CMS site”.   I switched to PHP 7.2. Hosting load is 20% less: On the axis of ordinates – CPU: the number of minutes … Continue reading

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