Choosing a web server for WordPress on Windows

There are situations when an Internet site must be hosted by Windows Server. This is a fairly rare case, but it happened to me recently (the first time in a dozen years of working with Web servers): I had to organize a hosting site on the iron, which already ran all sorts of services.
The first question that arises – but what web-server to use? Of course, it is possible to cobble together everything on a pure Apache, but manually install and configure everything is lazy, especially for a relatively small project.
There are plenty of ready-to-use builds – from popular Denver and Open Server to 100500 variants of *AMP’es.

I am accustomed to the Windows only to test on the local, and had a long time to figure out where to stop. Before that I used XAMPP and WAMP (in the end, as most Russian speakers, stopped at Open Server), but I considered them as tools for LAN, where the looseness of the platform and its configuration are not so important.
I will spare you the tedious analysis and description of the ordeal. There are not so many Windows projects on the Internet, hence the great number of half-dead *AMP builds, each of which is beating its chest, shouting “I’m the GREAT!
After wandering through the wilderness of half-forgotten builds, I finally settled on the canonical option: IIS (Internet Information Services) from Microsoft. I thought: “They’ve been working on this project for 20 years, it can’t be worse than the homemade *AMP”. And I wasn’t wrong.
The trick with IIS is that it is customized for Windows Server and its permission system. PHP+MySQL are plugged in as native, installation is two clicks, everything is convenient and good. However, working with MySQL via command line only, but it is enough for backup.
In general, was surprised by the quality of Microsoft software; as I wrote in previous posts – used to treat softy as a kind of moth in a closet … That is, a closet (product) that seems to be fine, but it has moths that eat your clothes and nerves. Now, half a century later (my God, time flies this way…) it’s just a big and pretty effective company, the software of which, if it was originally buggy and buggy, is pretty well polished now.
So, on my principles (“mastadai – mastadai! Arrrr!”) I took another piece of sausage from the clutches of the monster corporation. Well, if the sausage isn’t so bad, why not? Although I am open-source in my beliefs, I am a rather unorthodox and unprincipled bear. Forgive me.

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