Excel tricks & lifehacks on an example of LibreOffice tables

Useful lifechanging tips and tricks for working with spreadsheets in Excel!

Hello i’m a Shtuky. Today i’ll show you excel lifehacks using the free open source libreoffice. Let’s start with the ideas that i use every day – hold control and turn the mouse wheel so the scale in excel will change. 
Next idea: it is possible to auto-add the value based on data from neighboring cells – you put several values, ​​select them, drag the right corner and thus autocomplete. 

The next cool feature is the ability to auto sum – you just put the cursor at the bottom of your data list and press alt and a plus sign, so the sum function appears and all the above indicated values ​​selected and summarised.
If you need quickly select all the cells just click the upper left corner – it’s auto selection tool.
Next cool feature helps to adjust the width of the cells to the length of the data. Simply select and double click on the separation line. In the same way you can proportionally increase the width of the cells – just drag over the border and all the cells increase together. 
If you need to hide a column so that it does not interfere then select it, right click and select hide. Double click on the split line will return the column back.
Imagine that you have a very long table and you ran away somewhere to the very bottom and now you need go back. To do it very easily stand on a cell, hold control and press the up arrow twice so the page will move you to the very top of the document. 
Next lifehack will help you to format cell quckly and to create design that 
you like. You can clone formatting from one cell to another and distribute it 
for the whole document, to do this you select a cell, press clone formatting , select, for example, a column and click on the first cell to fill the 
entire column. 
In the same way, you can clone the formatting to absolutely any 
selected area, you can also take and copy the formatting to still unfilled 
cells, you just also select these cells with formatting tool and this filter 
has already been applied here. You can see new format in upper cells and in other places it is still old formated. 
Let’s now discover new way to add columns. I think everyone who has worked a little with tables can do it, but can you add several columns at once? To do this this you select the required number columns and click add, and in this way you can add two or even more columns.
If you need to find and correct some value in the document you can use next trick with the auto-replace function. It allows the computer to automatically run over the selected area, find the necessary values ​​and also replace them with any others. For example, I want to replace the zero with one in this file, I click find and replace and write that I want to change the numbers. Please do this for me! And in a second the computer finds the necessary cell and makes auto replacement. 
Another useful feature that greatly simplifies working with tables is outo-filters. Imagine that you have several columns with headings, you can click autofilter and here you have the opportunity to use this column as a data filter. You see checkbox for each data, you can choose to show some of them. If you select bunch of data, then in other columns the data is automatically linked and pulled up. If you want to remove the filter, just press the filter back and everything disappears.

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