How do I set up Google Analytics?

I came across the fact that I had to help someone put Google Analytics on his site. Until recently I myself had never even heard of this service. I saw that it is actively talked about on the forums and decided to see what’s what.
So, you have a website – a blog, a portal, a business card – no matter…

Do not rush to put counters like, hotlog, etc.. First, they glitch (this is more true for counters like “Yandex-blogs”, they cut visits by several times, a strange algorithm…). Secondly, they work with interruptions. For example, on our corporate site a year ago I put two counters – Hotlog and liveinternet. For all the time the counter was there, they had two preventive maintenance for a month each. And I have to do a monthly traffic report. I had to go to liveinternet. Lyvinterneta has its own problems – it is designed to count the muzzle of the site, and poorly indexes the remaining pages… In short, I suffered with these counters. Good thing was the internal statistics site.
Unlike Russian counterparts, Google Analytics provides very detailed and convenient statistics, where the user came from, for what search query, what exactly interested him on the site, etc. Probably the most advanced web analytics tool for today. And this is Google. It works all the time, without fail.

Let’s say you own a blog.

What do you need to install Google Analytics?

  1. Download plugin sem-google-analytics

2) Upload it to the plugins folder of your site (for example, in my case it is: /public_html/skobki/wp-content/plugins/sem-google-analytics)

3) Activate in the admin window of WordPress (plugins tab)

4) Go into plugin options (settings tab -> Google Analytics) and enter the correct invisible Google Analytics counter code. To do this:

5) Now in the table that appears on the Google analytics site in front of our site is the inscription “Tracking code is not detected. Click “Check Status”.

6) We get the message “Google Analytics has been successfully installed and is collecting data. Yay! It’s working!

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