How to update old WordPress (1.x, 2.x, etc.) – the universal and simple way

The most concise instructions, from me personally:
0) If you have WordPress version 2.7 or higher – use automatic update. If not, read on (smiley face)
1) Backup site
(phpmyadmin database and files, download backup on the local).

2) Download the new release of WordPress 

(you need to download a release 1-2 versions older than yours; for example, if you want to update your WordPress 1.5, first you put 2, version 2.1 can be skipped, put 2.2, 2.3 skipped, put 2.5, etc. – i.e. to reduce the time we jump through one version).

3) In the administrative panel, disable all plug-ins and switch to the standard template. For safety reasons, during update I recommend not to save plugins and files (except wp-config.php), but to install everything from scratch
(very often sites on old versions of WordPress are broken and leave malicious script on the server in one of the directories or prescribed in one of the files, if you have not updated for a long time, it is better to protect yourself and put all tabula rasa)

4) Delete all files except wp-config.php and load a new version of WordPress

(Attention, if you are a pluginomaniac or in you have a lot of pictures, it makes sense to save folders with pictures, plugins, etc.)

5) Run wp-admin/upgrade.php , update the database

6) Enjoy the new version of WordPress. Repeat n-times, until we upgrade to version 2.7, reaching it, you can use auto-update.

Leave any questions and comments in the comments, I will not leave unanswered.

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