CMS. Part 1. Who’s who.

CMS (Content management system as content management system / sites) – content management system used to store and publish a large amount of information in different formats.

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Rights in Drupal

In my line of work, I am working on learning Drupal. The system is interesting, easily expandable. Of the disadvantages – much more difficult than Joomla in both learning and administration. But this is either functionality or simplicity.
Well, I confronted the fact that nowhere actually is written as a correct chmod in drupal, that it was comportable and the skin has always remained as fresh as Bill Gates’s ass (smiley).
I searched and found on instruction from some guy, shortened it a bit and translated it. Feel free to use it.

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Joomla and Drupal

What do Joomla and Drupal have in common?

For example, Joomla has, and Drupal has
Both sites have a huge load. Both have a high level of services. Both work fast.
So what’s the difference? Briefly and clearly, without any chorus or ponzi scheme:

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How to update old WordPress (1.x, 2.x, etc.) – the universal and simple way

The most concise instructions, from me personally:
0) If you have WordPress version 2.7 or higher – use automatic update. If not, read on (smiley face)
1) Backup site
(phpmyadmin database and files, download backup on the local).

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Joomla 2.5 lost admin panel (solution)

Sometimes you move a site to new hosting under a test alias to update or make changes. For example, the site transferred to the domain
As a result, disappears admin – you can not go to
Solves simply – you need to prescribe live_site:
File configuration.php, in public $live_site = ”; prescribe the URL of the new site.
If this does not help – the second hint:
Try opening the admin directly through the index.php file:
Instead of
go to
Good luck!
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Joomla 2.5 menu sorting does not work (solution)

After upgrading from joomla 1.0.15 to joomla 2.5 the menu sorting stops working. Faced with this on the third migrated site. Cures are very simple. You need to query the database to reset the output order of the menu. To do this, you need:

1 – enter PhpMyAdmin
2 – select the database from the left column
3 – click on the ‘SQL’ tab (the very top menu)
4 – write a query in the query input window (a big white text field). what kind of query see below *
5 – press the ‘start’ button (depending on which version, it can be ‘OK’ or ‘go!’)

*In the 4th paragraph, enter the following query string (including quotation marks), substituting your own values:

UPDATE `database name`.`table name` SET `ordering` = ‘0’

After substituting the values, the page will look like this, for example:

UPDATE `skobki`.`j25_menu` SET `ordering` = ‘0’

Once you run this query on your database, the menu sorting problem is likely to disappear.
If the sql query didn’t help, try clearing the cart, removing any deleted menu items from there. To go to the cart in joomla 2.5, at the top in the output options of what is shown in the admin select: state selection -> cart.

I hope this article has helped you. Please leave comments! 🙂

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Installing and configuring MediaWiki

Here everything is simple – the installation is not particularly different from the installation of any CMS – joomla or wordpress.
1) Download MediaWiki distribution kit
2) Create a database and database user

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Protecting MediaWiki from vandals and spammers #1 – basic protection

As soon as you open your wiki and it starts to be indexed by search engines, you will have a lot of problems.

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phpBB – add a link in the menu?

Probably every administrator of a phpBB forum sooner or later adds additional links at the top. So it’s time for me to ask – how do I add a link at the top of the forum (in the header) of the phpBB forum next to FAQ, Users, Exit?
Seemed like a pretty simple task, but there’s no way around it. phpBB uses variables, and this elementary for most engines refinement requires some knowledge.
I’ve read the support forums and found that 90% of administrators (judging by the support forums) prescribe the link in a rather barbaric way –

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Joomla 2.5 – setting session time out limit in frontend

Accidentally came across the following potential vulnerability in joomla – the end of session in the frontend in Joomla does not match the backend – the session did not end for more than two days. Pretty dangerous if you give out a lot of different permissions to editors and authors.


Open file modules/mod_login/tmpl/default.php and then comment out the line at the top:


After that the backend and frontend session times will coincide.
Good luck!
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Joomla 2.5 – configuring user rights

When you need to differentiate user rights in the frontend, you may encounter a problem when the rights in the “user manager” for some reason show “allowed”, although it is “inherited” from users who have “prohibited”.
A trick of the ears – the main settings of user rights in Joomla are in the “Control Panel” – “General settings” – “Rights”.
Took me an hour to figure this out)). Hopefully someone will save time.
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rss cache Joomla 2.5

Faced with an amazing bug in Joomla 2.5:
When importing news from third-party sites via rss, they first hang for a while, and then completely disappear. After an hour of wandering it became clear that the problem with the cache.
The treatment:
1) go to /libraries/joomla

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Smileys in WordPress: a guide to remembering codes


Memo for remembering WordPress emoticons

Faced with the need to put graphical emoticons in WordPress instead of the beloved brackets ( does not approve!).
Graphic emoticons are very fruitful for the site’s position in search engines, while symbols confuse unfortunate googlesiders and other search fiends.
Of course, the excessive use of graphics, your site is in danger of becoming a Christmas tree, so do not persist. Another way – use a verbal expression of emotion hehe, but I prefer emoticons 😀
In general, not to suffer, prepared a table of characters, which can be printed out and used as a memo.
UPD: for newbies – to save the picture: PKM (right-click) on the picture and “save picture as… 😉
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WordPress archive – customizing the archive output

Users of wordpress often organize menus on the site through Categories. In this case the categories are displayed as an archive – without formatting, without pictures, videos, etc.
Task: show images, videos and formatting when categories are displayed.

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Remove Category Archives or Category Archive in the WordPress archive

Also often encountered a problem faced by novice users of WordPress – How to remove the Category Archives at the top of the page? In the Russian version, this inscription sounds like “Archive for category”; and in some versions / templates, this line in WordPress can be as follows: Archive for category.
In general, no matter what the string, the treatment is simple:

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Most sites are hacked because of incorrectly configured access chmod (second place outdated cms modules, sql-injections, etc.). So how do I set up chmod properly in phpBB forums?

All folders 755
All files 644

Four exceptions where we set 777:
files – so that users can upload files to the forum
cache – so your hosting will not complain about the load
store – to install extensions
images/avatars/upload – to upload avatars

If you want, you can limit your users and close all directories to 755 (to be less boring – make a preset gallery of avatars).
Attention! Before installing the engine: config.php must be 666 (then change it to 644).
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phpBB youtube insert video in bbcode

To make a button to insert video in phpBB, you need to add a new bbcode, because the function of converting a safe bbcode in html. Directly allow the user to use html – very undesirable in terms of forum security, so everything is done only using bbcode.
It is very easy to make youtube insert button in phpbb:
Go to the forum administration section, there in “Posts”, at the top will be “BBCodes”. Add a new code and fill in the following information in the form:

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