Architecture in programming

In programming, as in construction (and everywhere else – from shearing sheeps to hammering nails), the foundation of everything is architecture. It determines the stability and functionality of the final product. Let’s consider this process through an analogy with building a house, reflecting different levels of developers’ experience: from a shack to a stone house.

The Junior and his shack: Hello World turning into the first useful scripts. Just like in childhood in the yard – building a shack out of code. It works, though crookedly (and you think it’s even beautiful): you’ve done something and are happy, until a breeze blows. And then, it’s all over. Rewriting the entire project from scratch, because the shack on one chicken leg turned out to be not very stable.

The Middle Developer and his clay house: Leveled up, became a middle developer, you start to understand that a foundation is indeed needed, but you don’t know how to make it. Hands are somewhat crooked, but they can manage a clay house. It’s more reliable than a shack, though still drafty from all the cracks (and where do they come from in clay, huh!?). You learn, experiment, lay bricks haphazardly (again bricked up the wrong window, sorry, boss!). In short, you’re a decent second-grade 26-level bricklayer.

The Senior and his stone house: Hands know what they’re doing, and eyes aren’t afraid. To build – only from stone. Foundation? You can lay it in your sleep. Sometimes you peek into other people’s projects, but you’re not just following instructions, you’re bringing your own skill and experience into them.

The Architect and the Castle: You’re now not just building, but creating. You know what foundation is needed for which house. Not to overdo it, so it’s not expensive, and not to mess up, so it doesn’t collapse. Walls? Whatever you say, that’s what they’ll be. A roof with a ridge, a fireplace, with an attic – easy! And by the way, you might be the one who will soon create the Matrix.

That’s how it is, boss… This analogy emphasizes that the importance of architecture in programming lies not only in the ability to write code, but also in understanding how to properly design a software solution so that it is stable, scalable, and efficient.

That’s how it is, from a shack to a sturdy house… and even a castle. The main thing is – don’t stop, persistently accumulate bumps and meditatively step on rakes. This is the path of a programmer.

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