Half of the Computer Science course completed!

New words in my vocabulary:

🔸 pointer (pointer to a memory cell; something like a book card in library drawers, which indicates the name of the book and its place on the shelf);

Real life example:
Do not deign to move, here is my pointer!

🔸 hash-function (data conversion algorithm; you send a message there, and at the output you get a hash code, which is always the same for this message);

Real life example:
Bear, open your phone for me, otherwise your hash function won’t let me in.

🔸 syntactic sugar (a way to more conveniently or beautifully write the code of a program that does not change its essence).

Real life example:
— Give me a jar of sunflower oil from the refrigerator.
— Eggs should be fried in butter.
— It’s all syntactic sugar!

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