Inundated with spam

About 70 spam comments came in on my wp blog… How to deal with spam on a wordpress blog? Read below.

Spamming me gentlemen with all kinds of crap. If it’s so much publicity, it means there’s a demand. Well… Let’s roll up our sleeves and fight spam.
First of all, go to the settings of our wordpress blog (Settings), under the tab discussion (Discussion). There check the boxes to your liking, depending on your free time (not everyone has time to confirm each comment, and your reader, I’m almost sure, wants to see your comment immediately, rather than wait for moderation).

Then, if you scroll down the same page, you will see Comment Blacklist, where you can put a certain set of words. If the “smart” blog engine sees one of these words in a comment – this comment will not pass. In my case, I spelled out the nouns that were present in spam comments. Now the spinners won’t bother me… However…

There is another way. Go to the plugins, and activate the plugin Akismet, which is included in the standard build of WordPress. Now it is necessary to activate the addon itself. To do this, it is necessary to register on the site of WordPress to get the so-called API key. To do this, follow the link. Many people have problems with registration. The thing is that WordPress site does not like and many other Russian soapboxes. Therefore, I recommend registering a username on google (there are still restrictions on registration, the invitation of a person who already has a soap from google, if you need a soap on google, write in the comments, send) and specify google mail. If this does not help – enter a password on the more complex (which would have popped up good).

After that, enter the API code into the Akismet plugin and enjoy the anti-spam protection.
Have fun blogging!

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