phpBB: how to add banner to the header

Fast tutorial for clickable adaptive (for mobiles) banner to phpBB forum header without plugins (past phpBB extension which I used for banner was vulnerable and spoiled security at my forum):

  1. Go to /styles/prosilver/template/overall_header.html
  2. Right after
    <!-- EVENT overall_header_headerbar_before -->
    <center><a href="LINK_WHERE_BANNER_MUST_LEAD" target="_blank"><img width="100%" src="LINK_TO_THE_PICTURE"></a></center>
    for example:
    <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="100%" src=""></a></center>
  3. Now clean cache – delete folder: cache/production/twig
  4. Enjoy your banner! It will be adaptive, which means that it will be shown on mobile devices in proper proportions.

Hope to see your comments! 🙂

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