[phpbb] Page blocked due to error 403 (access denied)

I’ve noticed this bug with one forum – it was not indexed in Google Search… it says, the bastard:
Page blocked due to error 403 (access denied)
And well, that noticed, because long ago was sagging attendance and I did not understand what it may be associated. It turned out that in Yandex the forum is perfectly indexed, but in Google it is practically not.
I started digging, checked everything – robots.txt, .htaccess, DNS settings – I think the mabe somewhere I google bots rejected.
It turned out, the mystery was easy to open – from some goddamn place in my forum rights group “Bots” were not set. Well, there at all, the rights were reset to null. And google bots in this group by default, while the wise Yash scrolls all ononymously and so this bug was not.
Anyway, set the group to “Bots” – and hallelujah, everything started to be indexed. Then went to check his other forums. On the other was okay … well, how okay – was the standard access “Read Only”. Also moved it to the “bots”.
So, another bug in phpbb’s piggy bank – resetting permissions of the “bots” group from some unknown boon.
May Chmod be with you forever and ever, admin.
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