rss cache Joomla 2.5

Faced with an amazing bug in Joomla 2.5:
When importing news from third-party sites via rss, they first hang for a while, and then completely disappear. After an hour of wandering it became clear that the problem with the cache.
The treatment:
1) go to /libraries/joomla

2) Open the file factory.php in notepad
3) Look for function getFeedParse – starts on line ~345:
public static function getFeedParser($url, $cache_time = 0)
4) Replace the entire function with an expression:

public static function getFeedParser($url, $cache_time = 0)

$cache = self::getCache(‘feed_parser’, ”);

if($simplepie = $cache->get($url)){
return $simplepie;
$simplepie = new SimplePie(null, null, 0);


if ($cache_time > 0)
$cache->store($simplepie, $url);

return $simplepie;
5) Enjoying life %)

I found the treatment here

As I understand it, the error is due to a crooked auto-update old versions of Joomla, so it is not so widespread.

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