C language: “can’t bind to the port” problem (Windows)

Sometimes your program process can stuck and trigger error like this:

Couldn’t bind to the port

Ok, we have such check in out sockets C code:

if (bind (socket_desc, (struct sockaddr*)&server_addr, sizeof(server_addr)) < 0)
printf("Couldn't bind to the port\n");

And it return negative value.. How to fix it?

  1. find which process using this port via cmd:
    netstat -ano | findstr :<port number>
    For example:
    C:\Users\n>netstat -ano | findstr :2000
    You will see such message:
  2. last number is ID of process. To kill process:
    taskkill /pid <process ID> /F
    C:\Users\n>taskkill /pid 3560 /F
    SUCCESS: The process with PID 3560 has been terminated.


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