Engines: chmod 700 or 755

Many engine manuals say to set the permissions to 755. But the less permissions, the better for security, so often newbies wonder – is it possible to set Chmod 700 for folders (and 600 for files)?
The answer is – yes, on some hosting sites and for some engines – you can. It is easy to check – put the rights and see if everything works correctly.

700 (folders) means that the owner of the folder is the same user who executes the scripts; he can read, write and execute; no one else can do it. If the server is configured accordingly, you can safely set it to 700.
Why is it recommended to set it to 755 (folders)? Because this config for engine works almost everywhere, on every hosting. At 755 file owner can read, write and execute, and all others can read and execute, but cannot write.

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