Joomla: uncategorized in breadcrumbs


A small tip for joomla crumbs problem – when you link other materials/categories to a menu item that is uncategorized, their names are duplicated in the crumbs. If you select “out of category” (uncategorized), then this inscription appears in the crumbs as well and spoils the view.
To solve the problem:
1) modify kernel (I don’t advise it, it will get off on update)
2) a simpler way: you need to add each article to subitems in a separate menu item; it is possible to build any structure of crumbs. Menu items do not have to do in a separate new hidden menu (so they will not be displayed on the site), there is a more convenient trick your ears: in the “Link Settings” is an option Display in Menu; through it you can remove the display of items that are needed only for the crumbs. Voila!

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