Remove Category Archives or Category Archive in the WordPress archive

Also often encountered a problem faced by novice users of WordPress – How to remove the Category Archives at the top of the page? In the Russian version, this inscription sounds like “Archive for category”; and in some versions / templates, this line in WordPress can be as follows: Archive for category.
In general, no matter what the string, the treatment is simple:

1) Open the archive.php file of your templateasterisk-звездочка

2) Look for the line “Category Archives” or “Archive for category” or any desired inscription
3) Delete or replace this word combination with the desired one.
By analogy, you can remove the inscription: “You are currently viewing…”.

asterisk-звездочкаAttention! If you can’t find the phrase you need to replace in your template in the file archive.php – look in other files, for example, in category.php

Enjoy 😀

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