Rights in Drupal

In my line of work, I am working on learning Drupal. The system is interesting, easily expandable. Of the disadvantages – much more difficult than Joomla in both learning and administration. But this is either functionality or simplicity.
Well, I confronted the fact that nowhere actually is written as a correct chmod in drupal, that it was comportable and the skin has always remained as fresh as Bill Gates’s ass (smiley).
I searched and found on drupal.org instruction from some guy, shortened it a bit and translated it. Feel free to use it.

All directories and subdirectories:
CHMOD: 755

All files:
CHMOD: 644

For the “files” directory, located in “sites (/sites/default):
CHMOD: 775

For all files in the “files” directory and inside any of its subdirectories
CHMOD: 664

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