Top 3 programming languages for beginners. Which first programming language should I choose?

As a beginner programmer you have probably already racked your brains thinking about which programming language to choose. I have chosen three options, and now I will explain which one is right for you.
Three of the best first programming languages right now:
  • C language
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Yes, I know that there are many other programming languages. You can start suggesting me to choose Java or C++ in the comments now, another one will tell me to learn Go or C#. But the fact is that if you are a novice programmer and don’t want to waste your time to get into IT as quickly as possible and start making money, you should take one of these three options, depending on your initial training and personality type. And here’s why.

Let’s start with the C language.

This is a “very scary” language and is only suitable for those who are computer geeks (nerds). If you are generally familiar with computers and have no problem putting up an operating system, maybe you even worked with Linux, if you know computers well and you are interested in it all, then you should definitely learn C. Because it’s the best language to start learning how to program, to understand how a computer works and what happens at the machine level when you write a program. 
So if you take C, if you understand it, then later on you won’t be afraid of anything at all, you will know everything in this world of IT at a deep level. But this way we can recommend only to advanced and motivated computer users, because at first stage of learning C you will suffer and it will be very difficult, because C works directly with the memory and the cost of a mistake can be very high.

Why Python?

If you are only functionally familiar with computer, you only know how to work in programs like Photoshop or Excel, you don’t want to go deep into memory device, but you just want to start programming interesting things at once, to make it easy and fun, then take Python. Because it’s super simple programming language compared to all the others, it’s super popular and there’s a lot of materials and libraries about it. Python is visually similar to English and you can write your first program in it quickly and easily, but it’s harder to “break” anything than C.
Python is taught to almost everyone today, even at school. For a beginner in programming it is very cool because you will immediately have a community of novice programmers who are just like you, don’t understand anything and are trying to figure it out. You can discuss solutions to problems and programming approaches together. I started learning programming with Python, and I liked this programming language so much that later I was not afraid of anything, I was motivated to develop further.

Why JavaScript?

There is another option, let’s call it “intermediate” – for those who on the one hand are not such a strong computer worm, but on the other hand do not want to take this fancy Python, which is already being programmed by the whole county. If you have a preconceived notion of Python and want to become a “real” programmer in demand in the job market – learn JavaScript. It’s the most popular programming language for web development and you’ll never be out of a job knowing it.
Plus, JavaScript is not as hard as C, but it’s not as easy as Python. It’s something in the middle, and if you take its power and practicality, it is difficult to find an equal, not without reason JavaScript took all the major niches of online projects. Specialists JavaScript is very much in demand in the labor market, and if you go june, then with the knowledge of this programming language you will take off with arms and legs. People who can solve real problems in JavaScript are still worth their weight in gold.

Test: What programming language is right for you

Let’s do a simple test. If you have an Android phone and it’s running on it, you’re more likely to go with the C programming language. If you have iOS on your phone and you prefer something so intuitive with a simple interface that you don’t have to worry about, then go with Python. If it’s hard for you to make up your mind, then JavaScript is right for you.

My first programming language

I started to learn programming at school with the Basic language, but it was in the 90’s at school and not relevant anymore. At the institute I studied C++, but later I didn’t use it and I’ve forgotten all about it. In grad school I studied R programming language, which is very good, by the way, not by itself, but for scientific research and statistical data processing.
My first real programming language, which I studied consciously by choice, was Python, which I liked for its simplicity and humanity. Then C was next, and I totally fell in love with it, especially when I started to get good at something after a couple of months. If I had to choose today where to start learning programming, I would not choose Python or JavaScript because these languages are very easy to learn when you know the basics. And the base is the basics of programming and the C language.

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