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Recently I developed my own concept of ranks on the forum. It seems to be a small thing, but success is made of such small things. A good rank system additionally motivates users to participate more actively in the forum life and leave more posts.
The essence of my ranking system is maximum universality. Suitable for various topics – from fantasy to … erotica 😀 In general, enjoy it!
Titles for the forum from igroglaz Computer Guy:

Reader up to 10 posts
Guest 10-25 posts
Rookie 25-49 posts
Member 49-100
Regular 100-200 posts
Writer 200-300 posts
Old timer 300-500 posts
Connoisseur 500-1000 posts
Connoisseur 1000-1500 posts
Guru 1500-2000 posts
Master 2000-3000 posts
Rogue 3000+

Change the last title to your liking 🙂 I like “tramp”, but maybe you are more suitable Master, Grandmaster, or even the Overlord of some 🙂

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