Updating Joomla. Newbie mistakes.

joomla-updateHow much I once suffered with upgrading Joomla… I had to update several sites from Joomla 1.0.x to 1.5, then to 2.5. Often it was all done semi-automatically – when the sites were too big. It was the quiet horror – was going encoding, came out a wild array of errors in the database. Now, thank gods, everything is easier – there are specialized components, and Joomla itself to update itself learned. Just recently updated Joomla from 2.5 to 3.x. In default mode, not everything worked, in the end used a natural free component redCOMPONENT. In general, without a hitch without a hitch.

The main problems when upgrading Joomla:
1) they don’t do backups. No comment.

He who did not make a backup – he made a f*ckeup
(с) igroglaz

2) trying to update the site on a local computer on an unconfigured server.
Friends! Your site on professional hosting “sits” on an optimally configured server. When you put Denwer, XAMPP or some EasyPHP – they go in the regular settings. It’s very likely that your site will refuse to update if you don’t tweak the configs of pxp, apache, etc.
Moral: if you don’t know how to configure a local server – update on the hosting

3) The third point follows from the second. Do not update the site to live, make a new database, a test subdomain and do your dirty work there.

4) Before upgrading – clean cache site. Remove crap from the trash, drafts of old articles, unused third-party modules, etc. In general, put the site in order.
5) Do not forget to update chmod, htaccess, look site in error mode (php_value error_reporting 1 in this htaccess).

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